Luminox for the US Army.

It turns out special forces American soldiers never use regular hours. They order of swiss with multiple criteria. know right lunge soldiers if more war, they should have a device that is waterproof, shockproof, and an assortment of "hold" other.

One of the most important device in the soldiers' mission is to carry out the clock. Why watch? Because punctuality is one of the key in the battle ranging from assault, defense and many others.

Hours are widely used by these soldiers is a clock that uses Micro Gas Lights where with this technology, at which soldiers can use to turn on automatically in the dark need not be in push-push and flames could be long.

This technology could make US special forces soldiers could see the time clearly at night.

Micro Gas is also called Tritium, where tritium gas light sources undergo beta decay, releasing electrons that cause this Tritium Gas Burning. Why can light up ??

During manufacture, the length of borosilicate glass tube which has the inner surface is coated with a phosphorus-containing compound filled with radioactive tritium.

The tube is then fused with a CO2 laser at the desired length. Borosilicate used for strength and resistance to breakage.

In the tube, tritium given of the flow of electrons due to beta decay, as a result of this Tritium Gas Turns, and can last up to 25 years.