- 8 Jun 2023

Pacific Diver Chronograph 3140 Series

The launch includes a turquoise Limited Edition watch of 710 pieces worldwide

A mere 71% of the globe’s surface is covered with water. That sounds like a lot, but without preserving its condition, clean and healthy ocean water might become rare in the future. That is why Luminox launches a turquoise-colored Limited Edition of the Pacific Diver Chronograph, limited to 710 pieces. To celebrate our beautiful oceans, that serve as inspiration for our watch designs and campaigns, but also as a reminder to all of us, to treat the world’s treasures with respect when enjoying them.

The Pacific Ocean is both the largest and the deepest body of water on our planet. This great body of water is a destination for avid divers – both professional and amateur – and its deep blue waters call to humans across the globe and serve as home to a diverse ecosystem of aquatic life.

Besides the summer turquoise color, Luminox launches two other colors, namely beige and bordeaux, for a sophisticated 4-season look, suitable for formal day or night wear, as well as a wetsuit!

The watches come with the usual specs; a stainless steel case in 44 mm with a CARBONOX™ unidirectional bezel, a vital instrument for any diver. The cut-to-fit straps are interchangeable with the other colors in the collection, and why not mix them up… Discover new looks with using 2 different colors of straps on the same watch, it is all possible!