Luminox Light Technology (LLT)

The unique Luminox Light Technology ensure at-a-glance visibility – in fact, the technology Luminox watches provide a constant glow 24/7, no matter what the conditions are, for up to 25 years. Most other watches use luminescent paint that has to be charged by a light source and fades very quickly, or a “push to light” system, where you push a button for battery-driven illumination.

Always Visible 24/7 Up to 25 Years

Tritium gas is inserted into micro capsules. These tritium gas tubes have a long lifespan of 25 years. These tritium gas tubes are inserted into the dial, watch hands and the markings of the bezel of the Luminox watches. With the self- illuminating technology, any Luminox watch can be read in day and night conditions while in other watch illumination systems, it requires a push of a button to light or requires a light source to absorb energy and remit for a few hours. The Luminox light technology is based on a half-life glow. This means that the watch will glow half as brightly at the 12.5years mark as compared to when it is bought brand new.

The Luminox light technology, has to be individually installed in each watch as well as a special design has been implemented into the watch to ensure that the light tubes functions precisely with the watch. This Luminox Light technology acts as leverage against other watch brands, setting themselves apart from its competitors which has allowed the brand to be trusted and requested by the US Navy SEALs. The Luminox light technology has an impressive lifespan of 25 years and will always be visible 24/7.


In 2006, Luminox introduced an innovative carbon compound material, which consists of carbon long bars or carbon powder in varying percentages depending on the model. With CARBONOX™, Luminox produces timepieces that have a very rigid and hard finish, taking the watch’s overall durability to a whole new level. Besides being durable and lightweight, it is extremely comfortable to wear, shock, scratch resistant, and resistant to temperate changes. To add on, it also has a very strong chemical resistance and it ‘s non-metallic, anti-allergenic, and anti-magnetic. CARBONOX™ has been used in the making of Luminox watch cases and bracelets.


CARBONOX+™ is first introduced in 2016, used in the production of the Luminox Master Carbon SEAL 3800 Series. It is a high performance carbon long bar compound, in which carbon fibers count for 40% of the compound. Thanks to the higher composition of carbon fibers, CARBONOX+™ has tensile strength that is twice as high as with CARBONOX™, while water absorption is three times lower. It also provide a very modern and distinctive gray color to the Luminox watches.

Super LumiNova is a brand name under which strontium aluminate–based non-radioactive and nontoxic photo-luminescent or afterglow pigments for illuminating markings on watch dials, hands and bezels, etc. in the dark are marketed. This technology offers up to ten times higher brightness than previous zinc sulfide–based materials. These types of phosphorescent pigments, often called "lume", operate like a light battery. After sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light, they glow in the dark for hours. Larger markings are visible for the whole night. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any practical aging. Strontium aluminate–based pigments have to be protected against contact with water or moisture, since this degrades the light emitting quality.