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Celebrating A Legacy In Military Watchmaking In Honor of 35 Years of Luminox

Celebrating A Legacy In Military Watchmaking In Honor of 35 Years of Luminox

Three special hero watches are being released
Luminox will release three timepieces throughout May and June 2024 for its 35th anniversary honoring the brand’s connection with the Navy SEALs and their heritage of supplying high performance first-line military equipment. Luminox embraces the history that has shaped its journey and their watch collections that continue to resonate with elite units and maritime commandos globally. Each timepiece is an evolution of previous hero watch models that represent the 3 territories the Navy SEALs operate in: SEA, AIR and LAND.
The journey begins at sea, where Luminox and the Navy SEALs first forged their alliance. The Navy SEAL Original 3001.H (heritage) watch will be released on May 15th, revisiting history with a revamped tribute to the very first Navy SEAL model. Colored in red, the "30" on the bezel signifies three decades since Luminox's Original Navy SEAL 3000 watch was released in 1994. The second hand, adorned with a bold red arrow tip, dances across a sapphire glass face and a stainless-steel bezel, embodying the brand's relentless pursuit of high-performance, robust watches.
Taking to the skies Luminox will launch an honorary pilot model, the F-117 Nighthawk x Skunk Works 6442.H on May 28th. Inspired by the pilots who flew the stealth fighter jets, and approached Luminox almost 25 years ago, this AIR timepiece marries the iconic design with Skunk Works® innovation. The Skunk Works® logo on the dial is barely visible during the day, but at night it remarkably lights up in Super-LumiNova® at 6 o'clock, to pay homage to the top-secret unit's vital role in advanced technology solutions and innovation in U.S aviation. The Skunk Works® and Lockheed Martin logos are engraved on the case back. With reversed numbers on the bezel and dial so the watch can be read in two different timezones this timepiece becomes a companion not just for Air Force pilots but for everyday adventurers seeking the extraordinary.

The celebration reaches its peak on land with the RECON Point Man 8825.H launching on June 11th. Honoring those at the forefront of recon units, this sophisticated LAND watch serves as a simple and 2 efficient navigation tool for military personnel and adventurous explorers that want to navigate different terrain. With cardinal points on the inner bezel, a tachymeter to measure walking speed, and KM and MI markers on the dial, the Point Man empowers explorers to lead with precision and confidence.

As Luminox celebrates their rich history, each watch becomes a chapter in a legacy built on precision, innovation, and the enduring partnership with the world's elite forces. Where the spirit of the Navy SEALs meets Luminox, where time meets extraordinary craftsmanship.

Finally, all timepieces are equipped with the renowned Luminox Light Technology allowing time to always be visible no matter the conditions nor the darkness of nights. This was a key reason why Nick North, the Assistant Officer to the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) unit for the Navy SEALs, chose Luminox as the most dependable watch for the unit’s special operations. The collaboration between Luminox and the Navy SEALs continues to be a strong partnership.

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