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The long awaited Luminox Mil-Spec is finally here!

Mil-Spec (short for Military Specification) refers to the military standard from the U.S. Department of Defense. When a product is compliant with these standards of sourcing, fabrication, material, quality and supply, it could be referred to as a Mil-Spec product or component.

The Luminox 3350 Series watch is built against the performance specification standard of MIL-PRF-46374G. This means that its water resistance, its robustness, and overall quality reflect the standards of the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Luminox Mil-Spec has the following special features:

  • Movement: ETA movement with Heavy- and PreciDrive
  • 84 months (7 years) battery life
  • Heave and dominant second hand (unique for a quartz watch) –> every second counts!
  • Special steel material for case steel parts to avoid oxidation from salt water
  • Titanium bezel to save weight. Titanium is also anti-allergic and also very resistant against salt water. Its unique color makes it the perfect fit for the Luminox Mil-Spec watch
  • Luminox’ very own CARBONOXtm+ making the case ultra strong and lightweight at the same time
  • 30ATM water resistancy

What is HeavyDrive?

  • When a watch gets a shock, and experiences unbalance, not only the material, but also the movement could suffer, influencing its quality afterwards. With HeavyDrive technology the watch gets a counter-impulse once impacted, which prevents the hand from skipping accidentally, and makes the watch tolerate unbalances significantly better than normal

What is PreciDrive?

  • PreciDrive optimizes the time precision of the watch to +/- 10 seconds/year deviation (dependent on wearing conditions). Thanks to an additional thermo-compensation unit, the motor pulses according to changes in the ambient and wat temperature.

This watch is the must-have watch for military, first responders, rugged outdoors as well as true sports lovers who want a unique watch where they can rely on, whether on land, sea or in the air.

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