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Luminox Launches New Navy Seal Foundation Watch In Honour Of Veteran’s Day 2022

Luminox Launches New Navy Seal Foundation Watch In Honour Of Veteran’s Day 2022

In time to honour Veteran’s Day, Luminox updates its 3600 Series with a special edition for the Navy Seal Foundation

The Luminox 3600 Series, a brand fan favourite, adds a new Navy SEAL Foundation model this November in honour of Veteran’s Day. Luminox’s connection to the Navy SEALs can be traced back to 1992 when Nick North, then assistant Research, Development, Test and Evaluation officer for the Navy SEALs, was tasked to find a more reliable and dependable watch for SEAL night missions. North worked with Luminox to develop a watch to meet this elite division of the military’s rigorous specifications. Over the past 30 years, the partnership with the Navy SEALs has both strengthened and evolved to encompass the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization dedicated to ‘providing critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare’.

In the spirit of the over 30-year relationship between the brand and the Navy SEALs, Luminox offers a special edition of the 3600 Series in tribute to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Emblazoned with the NSF Eagle and Anchor logo on the case back, this special edition timepiece debuting on Veteran’s Day, recognizes and honours all veterans of the uniformed services who have served and are still serving.

With a 45mm case and water resistance of 200 meters, the new NSF 3600 Series timepiece is built for action and lives up to North’s rigorous R, D, T & E (Research, Development, Test & Evaluation) standards. Each watch, like every Luminox timepiece, incorporates Luminox Light Technology, making sure that your timepiece is visible in any light conditions for up to 25 years.

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