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Unleashing the Wild Spirit: An Exclusive Interview with Bear Grylls

Unleashing the Wild Spirit: An Exclusive Interview with Bear Grylls

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our brand ambassador’s historic climb of Mount Everest with the new Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series. Just in time for the launch we caught up with Bear to hear how he feels about his epic achievement today which one his favourite Luminox watch is and what next adventures he has planned.

Luminox: Many people look up to your Everest climb as a symbol of human achievement; how do you hope your story continues to inspire future generations of adventurers and explorers? 

Bear Grylls: By continuing to do my best to live by example, keeping friendships and adventure front and foremost and living with a spirit of courage, kindness and never giving up. Those things conquer all.

Luminox: Reflecting on your remarkable accomplishment of climbing Everest, how does this anniversary hold a special place in your heart and your journey?

Bear Grylls: This anniversary is a true reminder to me to be so grateful for the many years of adventure and friendships. The summits come and go but those things remain.

Luminox: It is often said that your cameraman is the only person who surpasses you in skill. What specific abilities does someone need to possess to become your cameraman?

Bear Grylls: The camera crew beside me are without doubt the real heroes on these adventures. As I remind them: they somehow manage to do everything I do but weighed down with gear and often backwards! They genuinely are incredible folk and they have been such good friends through so much and over many years. I see them as totally key to making the shows a success. They are obviously physically very fit and capable but to me their real skill is their sense of humour under pressure, their loyalty, and resilience when the chips are down. 

Luminox: With a track record of incredible achievements, what uncharted territory or adventure haven’t you tackled yet that’s high on your list for your next daring expedition?

Bear Grylls: I have a pretty long bucket list to be honest, that seems to keep on growing, but I would still love to revisit some of the unclimbed peaks in Greenland and help do some trips there. There are such huge expanses of genuine wilderness, totally unexplored and that brings with it a sense of awe that is hard to describe. 

Luminox: As someone who is considered to be at the “top of the food chain,” what are the three most key foods for you to consume.

Bear Grylls: A typical day looks like this: I tend to fast for 14 hours then have a main meal and a small one to end the day. Predominantly grass-fed meat and liver, eggs and dairy, fruit, yogurt and honey. 

Luminox: What unique elements or materials in Luminox watches do you find most suitable for the demanding environments you face on your adventures?

Bear Grylls: I love how the watch is water resistant for up to 200m and has proved so popular in the military and adventure community. But the key for me is these watches had to be military tough – waterproof, rugged and hard wearing. They had to be able to deal with getting scratched, things falling on them, or getting smashed against rock or whatever, they have to be able to withstand the reality and the battering that adventures often bring. You can use the watch to find north, to pace your distance and with our Bear Grylls watches you can use the Luminox Light Technology to navigate in the dark. The simple things done well is so key sometimes.

Luminox: Which Luminox watch would you take with you on your next adventure?

Bear Grylls: Our limited edition Everest watch – it’s special to me and symbolises friendship, endeavour and risk – key qualities in life.

The Bear Grylls Mountain 3730 Series embodies the resilience and courage that Bear shows every time he embarks on a new adventure. The Series has been designed to withstand a climb to the highest peaks or a dive to depths of 200m below sea level. All watches are water-resistant up to 200 meters and have full Luminox Light Technology for unrivalled reliability in all light conditions.

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